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Role upload core modification

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Currently SAP delivers role upload tool to upload the roles,transactions,miniapps etc... to portal. It works fine. we have a requirement that when the transaction is uploaded, the iview that is created should have the NAME: "transaction description" + "transaction code".

By default the NAME is just transaction description. To do this, I was checking the PAR files associated with role migration. I found a class with name "IROLEMIGRATIONCONSTANTS.class" in

IN that I found a code block


public static final String CALLING_MAPPER[][] = {


"functionName", "functionOutTable", "range"

}, {


}, {


}, {


}, {


}, {




I thougt that I would achieve the desired with the entry "TWPN_GET_AV_TRANSACTIONS". we made a copy of this BAPI and did the changes and executed it, which shows the result as expected ,(I executed in R3).

Now I want this to be executed from portal. so in the IRoleMigrationConstants.class that I was mentioning, I edited just that entry "TWPN_GET_AV_TRANSACTIONS" with my BAPI name "ZWPN_GET_AV_TRANSACTIONS" and uploaded the PAR again.

now when I run the role upload tool, the iveiw name was not as desired. It was just as before (i.e. just transaction description).

So as another test, I put "XYZ" (there is no BAPI with this name in R3) in place of "TWPN_GET_AV_TRANSACTIONS", in the IROleMigrationConstants.class and uploaded it again and expected an error. but the role upload tool was working as before, which means, it didnt call this BAPI.

could you please tell me where am i going wrong.

The reason why we want to do this is, we have 250 transaction iviews and changing the name for all 250 when i run the upload is really hectic.

could you please suggest me, how can i proceed.

is there any other way of achieving my requirement.

Did anyone had this requirement or sort of. If so how did you proceed.

Thank you

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