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Role actions

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Hi experts!

I have a problem with role actions. As I know each role has special actions like permissions. For example in the standard role Administrator we have a lot of actions. Where can I read about all of this actions?

Please give me links for books, guides, sap libraries..

Best regs

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

I think you mean UME-Actions.

Have a look here:

Best Regards


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Hi Bernd,

Yes you are right, I meant UME-actions.

Helpful link!

Part from adm200:

Permissions are defined in the Java coding. This is known as programmable security. Permissions are used to provide an access control. Permissions cannot be assigned directly to a user.

An action is a collection of permissions. A Java application defines its own actions and specifies the authorizations in an XML file (<name of the application>.xml; such as ìsap.com_TC~wd~dispwda.xmlî). Actions are displayed in the UME console. You can use the UME console to combine these actions into roles.

So I want to find all <name of the application>.xml; files. Where can I find these files?

Thnx for reply!

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