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Roadmap for SAP NW MDM

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Hey All,

Do we have any link/document which point to roadmap for SAP NW MDM? I have been through several TechEd and other documents but haven't come across anything which clearly lays what SAP plans to do with NW MDM in future.

Lately, i have seen quite a few new features/releases in MDG but MDM seems to be the forgotten child

I do understand how MDM and MDG compliment each other and how they fit into a complex landscape but slow/lack of innovation in NW MDM makes me wonder otherwise.

It would be great if we can get clear information on what future holds for NW MDM so that we can select/recommend correct tools right now.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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See also the latest MDM positioning video that includes SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP Master Data Governance. Both solutions are key pillars in SAP's enterprise MDM strategy.

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Thanks everybody

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Saif

The major difference between NW MDM and MDG is that: MDM is suited for heterogeneous environment while MDG is domain specefic. Also MDM provides more security through console

I think we cannot store images, pdfs, hierarchy, relationships in MDG.

In my opinion NW MDM is a better option and has wide scope in future.

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Hi Saif,

There is nothing like that NW MDM is forgotten child.

Yes,SAP MDG  providing  new releases with their additions in various  master data domains in their  new enhancement packages like customer is included in Ehp6. But you dont need to forget that SAP MDG is focussed only on some domains with excellent governance no doubt about that.

But NW MDM is also adding new features in their recent releases like:

1). Mutiple Main table concepts in a single repository

2). Concept of Tuples are included.

3). User Interface.

4). Additioanl Security in Console

Below is a link you can go through and see the new features in recent release of SAP NW MDM.

So there is no second thought regarding the great future of SAP MDM.


Prateek Agarwal

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nw mdm is more generic and can be used for any master data
mdg is more specific for certain master data.
i guess mdg will have better future.
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Hi Saif

MDM consist of various clients like:-

1) console--to manage repository

2)data manager--to maintain quality of data

3)import manager-- to import data manager

4)syndicator--to syndicate

5)publisher--to publish catalogue

6)image manager--to manage images

I have worked on MDM as well as MDG.My Personal view is MDM is better.


1) Console provides a user friendly tool to manage repositories, you can provide security to your data and schema, you can create tuple(new and powerfull feature) and others which is not possible in mdg.

2) data manager-- management of taxonomy ,hierarchy,attributes are much easy in MDM. validation, assignment, matching, merging technique will enhance yours data quality, which is much easier to implement than from mdg.

3)import manager--it can import data from almost every data source, its mapping and matching feature makes it much dominant tool than other importing tool.

4) Syndicator-- you can not only send data in xml format but also in text format, also merging facility will let you to add some extra data (according to requirement) to the data to  be syndicated.

5) publisher and image manager-- these tool are not even available in mdg.

So above are some major advantage of MDM over MDG.


Nitish Sharma