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RNIF Sender adapter with Virtual Receivers

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I am trying to send RosettaNet message to SAP PO. I have created ICO with Virtual receivers. When I trigger the message, it does not reach anywhere and status says delivered successfully.

But the message is not sent to the component configured in Receiver Determination.

As per my understanding, the Virtual receivers are mainly for "cosmetic purpose". It only exposes its receiver details to the sender system (mainly for Industry standard protocol). The message processing should continue normally once the ICO is determined by the message.

I have tested the same scenario by replacing RNIF with SOAP and there it is working fine. It determined the receiver and processing executes normally.

Below is the log with RNIF Sender adapter.

8/9/2017 09:45:12.995 AM Information Message was received by the messaging system. Protocol: RNIF URL: http://xxx:xx/MessagingSystem/receive/RNIFAdapter/RNIF Credential (User): User1 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.004 AM Information Using agreement containing the following information: XI party ****, XI component PIP3A4_V0200_Buyer, interface name PurchaseOrderRequestAction, interface namespace 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.004 AM Information Received RNIF2.0 Request Action message for XI party ****, XI service PIP3A4_V0200_Buyer 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.004 AM Information Processing RNIF2.0 Request Action message for transaction code 3A4, instance identifier d3bd4d8800000af500007cb21502176301977 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.006 AM Information Authorized user User1
8/9/2017 09:45:13.006 AM Information Using sender channel Buyer_Send_PurchaseOrderRequestAction 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.007 AM Information Using connection RNIFAdapter. Trying to put the message into the receive queue 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.074 AM Information Message successfully put into the queue 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.075 AM Information The message was successfully retrieved from the receive queue 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.095 AM Information Message status set to DLNG 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.138 AM Warning getMessageProperty(String, String) 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.138 AM Warning getMessageProperty(String, String) 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.138 AM Warning getMessageProperty(MessagePropertyKey) 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.259 AM Information The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection RNIFAdapter 
8/9/2017 09:45:13.278 AM Information Message status set to DLVD 
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To add to above.

There are always 2 entries in the Message Monitoring. One is for the virtual receiver and other for the actual receiver with the same sender.

I do not see any entry for the actual receiver in the monitoring.



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