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RMAUTH folder publish

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Hi ,

We have a Defined Roadmap in solution manager , inside that consultnats upload thier documents under Realization tab as per module.

now i have to create one more folder view for some new introduced module . i am trying to do so with RMAUTH tcode .

with rmauth i am able to create new folder and also able to upload documents in that , but in RMMAIN main dashbord that New folder view is not visible .

please help me to fix the same .



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Answers (2)

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Hi, Gyan,

You should check 2 places:

  1. RMAUTH for information in [Flavors] and [Subject Area] Tabs. (see comments bellow)
  2. RMMAIN for active Filters (see comments bellow).

First - please check the values in RMAUTH for old created nodes in [Flavors] TAB.

If you defined/changed roadmap based on ex.core ASAP - then for old nodes you will see there "core ASAP" entry. But newly created nodes have no Flavors assigned by default.

See pictures bellow:

New Node:

Original Node from core ASAP roadmap template:

Also check the [Subject Areas] tab.

By Default for new Nodes it's also has zero entries (not specified).

Second - please check Filters in RMMAIN.

The tricky thing is that there are 2 types of filters.

One is here, which by default has "Scope" filter. But it has nothing (or little? not sure) to do with "Showing" or "Not showing" Nodes from roadmap definition.

What I found, that Filters that are responsible for Roadmap Nodes appearance in RMMAIN are located in Settings. Check thoses settings.

By default it has "Flavors" as an active filter. But as I noted in section before - newly created Nodes in RMAUTH has no "Flavors" assigned. That's why it get's filtered out in RMMAIN:

So check what are "Flavors" and what are "Subject Areas" included in Filter.

And maintain correct assignments in RMAUTH for missing Nodes.

Hope that helps.



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Hi Gyan,

Check the filters used in RMAUTH and see if the new node fits in the filter's criteria. Also pay special attention to the flavors added to the newly created node.

kind regards, Fabricius

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Hi  Fabricius,

Every node in Filter subject area is in inactive status , however old created nodes are visible on RMMAIN dashboard .