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Right to enable "Events to trigger on completion"

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Dear BO Experts,

I noticed that in SAP BO, with our default rights settings, users cannot use the "Events to trigger on completion" when they schedule a report.

I tried with my user and it works fine, because I'm Administrator and I have full control.

But the rest of the users cannot. I went to the Access Levels that users are using to access BO, and I saw than in the ACL section System > Event, if I grant the right "Edit objects", now the users can use this Events to trigger on completion.

But the side effect is they could go to CMC > Events and edit Events (and we dont want that)

We want that users are able to use the Events to trigger on completion, but be able to edit the Events.

I wonder why this function is under "Edit Objects" when it had nothing to do with it...

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Yes, it's unusual that it's under the Edit rights for events.  If your users don't normally log in to the CMC, it's mostly a moot point but if they do, there is a way to work around the fact that they can then edit events.

Under Applications >> Central Management Console, turn on the option to be able to customize or limit options in the CMC.  I don't remember exactly what it's called and I don't currently have access to a BOBJ system.

Then under Users and Groups, you can right-click on a user group and there's an option to customize the CMC - this only works if you've turned on CMC customization under applications.  In this screen you can turn off various CMC options, including Events, so that they don't appear on the main CMC screen or any of the icons/menus in the CMC.  You don't want to set this for the Everyone group because it will apply to ALL users, including Administrators.  Instead, it should be configured for any user group that has access to the CMC but is not part of the Administrators group.


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Hi DellSC, aha I see your point 🙂

I'm going to give a try.

Thanks a lot!

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umm can you help me with the step "Under Applications >> Central Management Console, turn on the option to be able to customize or limit options in the CMC"?


I'm checking how to achieve this...


In CMC Tab Access Configuration looks like this to me, and Im Administrator