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Rich Client (v3.1) WebI Report with free text and generated from outside...

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I use Rich Client v3.1

For my customer, I created a WebI Report. In this, there's a cell for free text. This free text can be filled by several users when the WebI Report was generated.

I don't want to give access to WebI Report because these users aren't reliable.

I create a small website to allow these users to type a free text... This text is in a database...

After, I have to collect this data,insert it into my cell and generate the new report.

My questions are these :

1. The process for the webI report generation is :

- The report is generated for specific users without text in the cell

- The specific users look at this report and type a free text via a website.

- This free text is inserted in the cell

- The report is generated again for all users with free text in the cell

-> The 1st generation is OK.... But how to generate automatically the second time? Can we launch the generation with php command for example? Have you an other solution?

2. To collect the free text in a database and insert it into my cell, must I to create a object in an univers or is there an other solution?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Yannick,

Just check the below document for adding comments in the webi report. not applicable fro BI4.X version.

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It would be best to move your thread to web Intelligence  forum to get faster and more accurate inputs.

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OK thanks for your advice... how can I do this?