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RfcAdapter: receiver channel not in the list of the running clientPool

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Hello there,

I am trying to config an Asynchronous scenario: Send a file from external system to XI; then, using RFC to call a BAPI from R3.

However, I got an error message under WorkBench: Exception caught by adapter framework: RfcAdapter: Receiver channel not in the list of the running clientPool.

Do you have any idea?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sam,

I created Receiver Agreement, Sender Agreement, Receiver Determination, and Interface Determination.

What else could it be?

Thank you so much for your idea.


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Hi cm,

Take a look at this thread.

-Sam Raju

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Hi cm -

There's a detailed explanation (and workaround) for this in RFC FAQ Note 730870 (Q. 20). Relevant portion is included below:

"Q 20: It is not possible to send RFC calls to the RfcAdapter sender

channel and the RfcAdapter is not registered at the SAP Gateway.

RfcAdapter receiver channels report a error like "RfcAdapter:

receiver channel not in list of running clientPools..." in the

Message Audit Log of the Adapter Engine. What happened?

A: The RfcAdapter checks the configuration of each channel during

the start of this channel. This is done during startup of the whole

RfcAdapter (J2EE service) or when the RfcAdapter receives a new (or

changed) channel from the Integration Directory. Mainly the RFC

client parameter are checked with a connect/disconnect to the remote

system. In receiver channels this is done for the client parameter

and the metadata repository parameter, in sender channels only for

the metadata repository parameter. If this check fails the channel

is marked as failed and will not be used for sending or receiving of

RFC calles within RfcAdapter. The test is done again each time when

the channel is updated in the Integration Directory or after a

restart of the RfcAdapter. The status of each channel in the

RfcAdapter can be monitored in the Adapter Monitor. Note 769791

describes this in detail.

May there are situations where the check of the connection will fail

due to a temporary error (like network, ...). The channel will not

be usable despite the temporary error may disappeared when the first

message should be delivered through this channel. If this is common

in the environment where the RfcAdapter is used, the check can be

disabled for the whole RfcAdapter. Set the RfcAdapter J2EE service property 'initialRfcClientConnectCheck' from 'true' to 'false'. The

changing of J2EE properties is discussed in Q 17. This parameter was

introduced in XI 3.0 SP9."



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello all,

I found out that I set incorrect value for RFC system number.

Thank you so much for your help.


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Make sure you have the Receiver Communication Channel with RFC Adapter and Receiver Agreement configured.


Sam Raju