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RFC-XI-File Adapter scenario

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Hello SDN members,

We are about to start the configuring XI 3.0 for connecting the SRM Module as a source and Portal as a destination to transfer a file. We are planning to have a function module to generate the flat file from SRM.

We need to process the data file from SRM to a portal.

Could some body suggest me the process flow to accomomplish this ?

Appreciate your time.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Steve,

If the SRM module is creating a file, and the file has to be transfered from SRM system to Portal system, then you need to look at configuring a 'File -> XI -> File' scenario.

To work with File-XI-File scenario, refer to this blog:


If you are looking at a just <b>Flat file transfer</b> and no mapping in XI, then:

    • it is possible to create a scenario to transfer any sort of files : including binary files.


In Repository:

    • Create a data type (say dtBlob) with one field (data) of any type (xsd:string)

    • Create a Message type (mtBlob)

    • Create Two Message Interfaces (miBlob_IN & miBlob_OUT) : Aysnchronous Inbound & Outbound interfaces.

    • Message mapping & interface mapping are not required.

In Directory:

    • Create a Sender Agreement with this interface (miBlob_OUT)

    • Create a Receiver Agreement with miBlob_IN

    • Create Receiver Determination: From SRM system to Portal.

    • Create Sender channel for SRM system - File/FTP Adapter

    • Create Receiver channel for SRM system - File/FTP Adapter

<b><u>Process flow:</u></b>

  • Input Flat File (from SRM) is read by File/FTP Adapter and passed as it is to Integration Engine. It can be archived after pickup.

The flat file is not parsed into XML here.

  • Since no interface mapping is specified in XI, the same data is passed onto the target message.

  • The same data is passed further passed to the Target File/FTP adapter of Receiver.

  • The receiver adapter creates the file in the target destination.

  • Flat File transfered.

Hope this answers your concern.

-- Pops V

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Hi Pops,

The RFC I was talking about is going to produce me a binary file so can I still use file adapter instead of RFC Adapter ?

If we need to use file adapter, does RFC in SRM need to put the file in any specific place like in the NT server or ftp ?

Appreciate your detailed process steps.

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Message was edited by: Steve Holland

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We have almost similar situation here and we are in the middle of configure XI.

We are dealing with one of the attachement of bid invitation in SRM 4.0 to process to EP/web site using XI.

Thanks Pops.


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Hi Steve,

As I mentioned, if you do not specify any mapping, XI does not parse the input content. Even binary content could be transfered from Source System to Target system.

You said that the RFC in SRM is producing a binary file.

Where is the file created?

Is it created in some directory on the SRM system? If so, it continue to create in the same location.

The File/FTP adapter of XI can be configured to connect to this system (where the file is created), and pickup from its current location. It can be configured such that, after processing the file is archived to a another directory as specified in configuration. This way you will have the trace of all the files created by your SRM system.


Pops V

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Hi Steve,

I think if your input is simply a binary file then you can use file adapter..

Follow this link to know more about receiver file adapters.All the best.



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Hi Pops,

We have not completed the function call so at present I am not sure where the file will be. But I was thinking of putting in on the host machine's working directory.

I will let you know if I get into any issues.

Thanks for all your help,


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