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RFC synchronous concurrence

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I have a BPM with a synchronous sender step (BAPI call). This BAPI makes a material reservation , checking previosly if the material is locked. If the material is locked I get an error , the BPM checks this error and I try again (3 times).

My doubts:

1- The rfc call (receiver RFC adapter) does synchronous connection??

2- what happend with the concurrence? If I send two messages in one second why the second BPM , rfc call, does not wait to the first one to finish?? I get an error in the first call the material is locked.

In the SXMB_MONI I see next times

First BPM start the rfc call at 12:39:38 and finist at 12:39:42 (error material locked)

Second BPM start the rfc call at 12:39:39 and finish at 12:39:46. This call finish OK.

I thought the second call should wait to the first one finish.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gerardo,

The synchronizity on the BAPI call is just that; Synchronous with the current session. I don't think that PI supports cross BPM session synchronizity (happy to be proven wrong).

There are of course many ways to achieve this (not necessary elegant solutions) and I am sure that you can get some experienced forumists to provide you with samples of how they have resolved this.

Bad sample (assuming that ABAP does not support synchronous calls):

- Wrap the BAPI call in a synchronous Java map (assuming that all your calls run through a common classloader).

Hope you can get some better ones coming through.

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In the RFC receiver adapter there is one propertie call Maximun Connection. If I set to one then could I solve my problem or I could get a deadlock or neck bottle lock for the rest of this bpm process working at the same time.

many thanks.

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