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RFC Server

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Dear Basis Gurus,

I have an external application that uses SAP Connector to connect via RFC to SAP.

Now, an outbound need to be setup for SAP to tranfer data to this external application also via RFC.

I found some instructions on the setup and have configured rfcserver tcpip connection to it. I can register using rfcexec.exe with the SAP gateway and test connect to SAP itself as the host via gateway service sapgw00. Would I need to use an RFC Server program from the external apps? Are there other RFC server programs I need to use?

Will this setup alone allow me to send rfc data to external application? Does it mean I have to run the rfcexec in command level (register) waiting for data to be sent? Can I confirm this rfcexec will be launched auto by a BAPI? Any BAPI I can use to test communication with external apps?



Mirella Russo

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Answers (2)

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Mirella Russo-

For a program to act as a RFC server, it needs to first register itself with the SAP Gateway.

In your case, I guess, you want to send information from SAP to the external program. The SAP Connector has a way of connecting to SAP R/3 and registering itself as a server using a 'Program ID'. You would then use this program ID in your RFC destination (SM59) so that SAP R/3 would know about this RFC server.

Don't know which connector you are using (.NET or JCO) but both have ways of registering with SAP gateway.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Mirella,

I am not sure what external application you are talking about. May be custom grown.

But I do not think the set up you did is enough.

The actual program that receives data need to be coded with RFC server specifications. I mean application needs to be RFCserver.

Thank you,

Ravi Gandavarapu.