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RFC Message Creation

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Hello All,

I am new to XI and trying out and RFC scenario. I have an SAP R/3 system.

All I wanted to know is how I can create an RFC message with two import parameters and one export paramter. The two import parameters will serve as request parameters and one export parameter in RFC will server as response parameter.

Please guide me how I can create this kind of RFC messages in R/3 system, so that I will import it once I create in R/3 system.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Vanaja,

After creating your RFC in SE37, a few steps to be remembered.

Make sure that you enable the option REMOTE MODULE in Se37.

In XI, in your Software COmponenet, make sure that you ENABLE IMPORT OF RFC and IDOCs.

Just import your RFC into XI and it should work fine.



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First you need to create RFC in R/3. HEre it goes-

1) Go to Tcode SE37 and create a Function Module make it as RFC enabled by changing the attributes of the function. While creating FUnction Module it will ask you to create Import and Export Parameters. Go accordingly.

2) Write the logic inside the RFC function module.

3) Create RFC destinations to connect into XI systems.(in tcode SM59)

Go to how to guide from

Some of the links-




Hope this helps..