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RFC Error in CBTA - SOLMAN 7.2

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Hi Experts,

We have a RFC problem in CBTA.


1.Open the transaction SOLDOC in SAP System SOLMAN

2. Open the browser in the next screen

3. Click on “Business Process”, next click on “Scenario”, next Right Click under option “Elements of Scenario”, next click on New, next click on “Executables” and next click on “Executable”:

4. Select “Specify Executable”, Next “Logical Component Group” and Select Z_LCG_ABAP

Next select “Object” and in the option “Transaction Code”, we write the transaction of the system SUT. In this Case we are going to use the transaction VB01

Error Text:

“Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT', communication r”

When entering the logical component and the type of object to be automated (for our case it would be a transaction) the system asks you to indicate what the transaction is (for the example we were using VB01). What this does is go to the SUT system to verify that this transaction actually exists and then start recording the automation script.

Apparently, the error that is occurring is when it travels to the SUT to validate the existence of the transaction.

We don’t know why this error appear, Could you help us?

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Andrès

I assume this uses the regular RFC destination towards, in your case, your development system (I see development system as system role in one of the screenshots).

Did you check SOLMAN_SETUP - managed SAP system setup that the RFC destinations for this development system in question is properly configured? If configured and still malfunctioning, it could be an authorization issue. Next step I would check is to check in the development system using an authorization trace if Solution Manager can check that data or if you have an authorization error in your trace file for the technical user that is used in that RFC destination.

Best regards


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Hello Andrés Felipe Serna Alvarez,

Do you know what RFC its using? Did you check RFC manually?

Check this error has nothing to do with SAP gateway security.