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RFC Connections Lost!

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Hi ,

We got strange problem in our XI dev server, suddenly we lost RFC connections and it seems to be Java stacK is corrupted! ST22 showing Error in RFC connection.

It happend due to FLUSH CACHE(I am not understand)..but because cache refresh its happened.

Through sxi_cache i made delta and full cache this cause for loose RFC connections?

and i made some multimaps ...!when i run multimaps internally java classes generated ..does java classes cause for over loading the server for corrupt server?

and when I am see using SMICM toolbar Administration showing some wrong !

its like :under Administration



? ?

it is showing question marks after J2EE SERVER u have any idea why it is showing like this?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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<i> lost RFC connections</i>

>>>This may be because of several reasons

1) Physical connection lost

2) huge no of messages will lead into RFC connection lost during runtime i.e connection betweeb integration engine and J2ee engine will lost

3) Because of J2EE engine or integration engine down.

Possible solutions are :

Try to refresh the cache in the Integration Builder->Administration->Cache Overview

Try to check the logs in the log viewer in the visual admin

Try to restart the J2EE engine. and check is this is repeatedly causing a problem

Hope this helps,



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Sankar,

I am sure it is not due to Cache Refresh,


Agasthuri Doss