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RFC call from SAP to Biztalk

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We are connecting Biztalk Server 2004 with SAP, using the Biztalk adaptor for SAP. With this adaptor, it's possible to do a RFC call from Biztalk to SAP. But I wonder if the opposite direction is possible: doing a RFC call from SAP to Biztalk.

All documentation talks about sending iDOC's from SAP to Biztalk, but this doesn't help in a synchronous scenario.

What would be the best alternative if this is not possible? Is the .NET Connector an alternative to do a RFC call to .NET Code?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi André, thank you for your answer.

However, we don't have XI in our company yet, and our SAP version doesn't allow us to consume web services directly (WAS 6.20) That's why we wanted to use Biztalk.

However I found the answer: it's not possible to do a RFC call to Biztalk directly. It is very easy to do it with the .NET Connector. However, if you have a XI system, doing a direct RFC call to XI is a nicer solution.

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I haven't seen any direct calls without XML Web Services from SAP to BizTalk, but calling SAP through the .NET Connector is possible getting the BAPI result tables. I once wrote a custom BizTalk adapter for that calling 3 BAPIs to get result sets that way. If I remember correctly that was APO BAPIs.