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Reverse Engineering from Oracle without bringing in Partitions

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I am using PD 16.5 SP02

When you database compare an existing Physical data model or Reverse Engineer one, PD gives no option to uncheck bringing in Actual physical partitions and bring just the default MAX/MAXVALUE partition.

I have some tables which are daily partitioned with partitions created for 2 years, so about 730 partitions. Even on a Core i5 machine with 8 GB RAM. PD chokes trying to first reverse engineer or database compare. Then it chokes while you try to right click a table and select Physical Options -> Partitions. It takes really long time to do any of these functions. And then if you try to compare such a partition full rev engineered data model to a production data model sitting in repository (with an intention of syncing the model to what is in the database), it then takes really long time to show the compare results screen.

Anyone else faced similar situation when working with this version of PD and Oracle 11/12

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You can untick the checkbox "Physical Options" on the Table page of the reverse engineering.

This should accelerate the reverse.