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Reuse of Component

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I would like reuse a component from webdynpro project to an another.

I created a developement component DC1 where I call an execute BAPI bapi_companycode_getlist.

I put this component in Public Part.

In My Second developement component DC2, i refer to DC1 and add the Component of DC1 into USED DCs.

Now in my DC2 i want to execute the BAPI in DC1 via the component. How to do this?

thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Joseph,

1. In the Interfrace Controller of DC1, create the model nodes and attributes. (Use the diagram view to link the model and interface controller).

2. Create a method (eg. getCompanyCodeList) in the interface controller.

3. Execute the BAPI in this method or if you have already implemented the BAPI execution in the component controller call that method.

4. In DC2, you will be able to get the company code list using the DC1's context attributes.

Hope this helps you.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Santhosh,

Thank you it's work.

Joseph F.

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Hi everyone,

I have in DC1 a View called ExitView. It is important to notice that this ExitView is not defined as true in its "default" property.

I would like to call it from DC2.Lets say I have a StartView in DC2 that would call the ExitView.

1) For this purpose, I created in DC2 an "Embed Interface View of a Component instance".

2) In DC1, in the FlightInterfaceView I created an inbound plug called Exit.

3) In DC2, I connect the outbound plug of StartView to the inbound plug of the Embed Interface View of a Component instance created in (1).

4)In the StartView, I implemented the following :

public void onActionToExit_Button( wdEvent )


//@@begin onActionToExit_Button(ServerEvent)




Now the problem is that plug is not connected to the ExitView.

So, I tried to create a relation...but nothing works.

Here is what I do :

In DC1, in the Interface View, I added :

public void onPlugExit( wdEvent )


//@@begin onPlugExit(ServerEvent)




Now in the Interface Controller in DC1, I implemented the "executeMethod" method.

public void executeExit( )


//@@begin executeExit()




In fact, I fired an event that I want the ExitEvent to catch.

So, I created in the ExitView an event handler called ExitExecution that subscribes to the Interface Controller and to the ExecuteExit event.

I think it is quite logic...but nothing works....

If someone read till the end of this post and didn't run maybe your are the one with the solution.

Thanks in advance.