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reusable |IMG objects and Config units in solution manager

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On solution manager, I have assigned LCG assignment to IMG objects and Config units, these are reusable to other project, I copied the folder ,IMG objects and Config units, I can change different LCG at folder level but not IMG objects and Config units, is this some permission issues or , or it is not at all possible on the SolMan to change to IMg object and config unit ? Earliest reply is appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks, Vignesh, much appreciated!

I did Export and Import JSON, from design branch to import, and mapped/change to the target LCG, multiple. The Situation is when we have ‘SAP Best practices’ imported and they have the IMG Object, Config unit and Transaction tagged to LCG, client need to change to associated to target LCG so how that could be done.

Second some of IMG object, transaction and config units are in use in another LCG in Projects design branch that need in reference on another project,

We did try to change (objects) on the Import branch and then move but Transactions and IMG object LCG is not changeable.

Any infirmation on this would be appreciated!

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Hello rsharma2011

IMG objects, Configuration units are assigned to a particular LCG, which implies that they are executed in the respective SAP Technical system at the backend.

Once LCG is assigned to these objects, they can't be changed.

Change can be done only when performing export & import of these objects from Solution to another solution. While performing the import operation, source LCG and target LCG gets mapped. So at this time, all associated objects of the source LCG gets mapped to target LCG.

For example, assume Z_S4HANA LCG as source LCG and many executables such as T-codes, Fiori Apps, IMG objects, Config units have this LCG assigned in the SOLDOC hierarchy. While importing we can assigned these objects to desired target LCG, thereby all these objects gets assigned to target LCG.

I hope I have clarified your question.