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RETURN TABLE option in update rules.

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hi experts,

In update rules has 4 options, (1) info object (2) constant (3) fromula (4)routines (5) return table.

can any one tell me the option RETURN TABLE from above options.

what is the functionalaty for this option

ur answer will be given points.

thanks & regards.


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Answers (1)

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Adding actual data and forecasted data in one InfoCube from two sources Issue: There are multiple plan weeks for each actual calendar week

The result cube should contain actual and plan data for comparison

The plan data previously exists ..when the actual occurs, it should be written to each planned record ? this would require multiple records

Using Return the actual data is paired with its associated planned sales in the InfoCube or

ODS A startroutine on the InfoCube update rules is needed to get the all planned data and store it into an internal table

Storing the associated planned data in an internal table allows this to be used later in the update rule return table to merge the planned data with the actual data

This data could be read from an associated InfoCube or ODS

Return table checkbox should be chosen in the key figure tab of the update rules

Code should be written to loop through the existing forecast data and append records to RESULT_TABLE

Each records written to RESULT_TABLE appends another record to the InfoCube Create ABAP startroutine in update rules to read all planned data from ODS/InfoCube into internal table

Check flag on the desired key figure Return Table Add ABAP code routine to append to the RESULT_TABLE the desired new records, reading from the internal table created in startroutine