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Retrieve message ID in HCI

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Hi Experts,

we are retrieving PI message ID by writing an udf in message mapping and passing to target field.

and we are importing this message mappings on HCI tenant and this is not working.

can some on tell how message ID gets generated on HCI and how can we map this to a target field.

Thanks in Adv



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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We Imported PI mapping to HCI, the function for generating message ID dint worked.

we just wrote an groovy code and this was working.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Adding few cents to Raghu's point.

UDFs are not supported in HCI. It supports only Groovy or Java script, its called 'Mapping Scripts'.

refer : SAP HANA Cloud Integration (External)

reg, avi

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Hello Murali,

Guess UDFs are not supported by HCI.

Use scripts are per the below link

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Is this UDF working in SAP PI?

What is the error you are facing on HCI tenant?

Please verify the message mapping files in HCI are imported successfully or not?

Message ID will get generated during runtime,Every XI message must be uniquely identifiable in the system landscape by message ID.

Irrespective of its type (asynchronous/synchronous request, synchronous response).This is generated by the sender of the message.

XI messages are generated by the messaging service of the Adapter Framework.

Please refer the below thread

Get MessageID in udf | SCN

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Bhargava Krishna