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Retrieve archive server PDF document ( Scanned by KOFAX ) inside VIM Workflow

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Hello All,

-We have the invoice copy scanned by KOFAX and the indexing is validated in KOFAX

-We then have an interface ( KOFAX Connector ) which places an XML + Copy of the scanned PDF in the archive server.

-We are planning to import the XML or have a PI interface to convert XML to IDOC to create VIM DP Document

-We want to display the PDF in the archive server in all the VIM Standard Apps ( We are implementing VIM 16.3 and it is E2E FIORI Experience in Simple Mode as per config guide )

Can someone please enlighten how this retrieval of PDF from Archive Server and linking to VIM DP document can be achieved? Just throwing out what is in my mind currently, can we use ARCHIVOBJECT_GET_URI function module to retrieve the URL and then implement some enhancement to display the image in the front end?


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