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retrieval of the data from transaction "IW21"??

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Hi all,

i want to retrieve the data from the transaction "IW21" and print it using a smart form, so does SAP provides any std. program for this??can anybody help me on this??

Thanks in advance,



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ameya,

When printing the Notification using IW21, u have to select the shop paper.

Against each shop paper you have a driver program & form names configured.

Here is the path for the viewing the shop papers:

1. T-code: SPRO

2. IMG Path: <b>Plant Maint. & Customer Service --> Maint. & Service Processing --> Maint. & Service Notif. --> Notif. Processing --> Print Control --> Define Shop Papers</b>

3. You can check the standard Shop Papers & see the Print Programs. But the most commonly used 1 is RIPROV00. U can also copy this program & create a custom code in which you can call ur smartform.

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