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Restricting access of the ivews

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I have an asp page where links are given to pages in the portal using epcf navigation. Is there a way by which i can restrict the pages displayed depending on the user who is logged in.The asp page will be visible to all but the links will work only depending on who has logged in.

Please help.

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Answers (2)

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hi Aamod,

If you want the links to be enabled for any user assign a particular role to user.

Get the role of the user logged in using this piece of code

IUser user = request.getUser();

Iterator roles = user.getRoles(true);

while (roles.hasNext()) {

try {

String uniqueID =;

IRole userRole = UMFactory.getRoleFactory().getRole(uniqueID);


response.write("Role is :"+userRole.getDisplayName());

} catch (Exception e) {



based on the role you can activate or deactivate the links.



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Look into permission. You can assign permission to page and restrict the visibility.

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Thanks for your quick response.

Please could you ellobrate more on this cos i tried the premission for the page but those are for the adminside restrictions. On the viewing front what permissions should be used. Could u give me ur yahoo id mine is