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Restrict YTD based on accounting periods

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We have a 4/4/5 week accounting period. For our sales reports, they want the YTD to be based on the last date of the period that just closed...


period 1 ends Mar 26, officially closed Apr 2

period 2 starts Mar 27

Report is triggered by the official close date but the YTD should only include values up to and including Mar 26.

Does any one have a suggestion on how I can restrict the YTD based on the above senario?


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Hello Cindy,

You can use table TVARVC and maintain a record which shows the last period closed. In name give a name ZPERIODCLOSED something, assign low = 01/01/2006 and high = 03/26/2006. When period closed changes you need to constantly update this table.

For the YTD keyfigure restrict a variable derived based on user exit and interval type. In the user exit for this variable read the table TVARVC for ZPERIODCLOSEd and get the values in the low and high. YOu can also just maintain the low value as 03/26/2006 and assign this as the high in the variable and low always going to be the Jan of the year you are running.

Hope this helps.