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Restrict only J2ee_adm_sid periodic password change in solution manager JAVA

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Hi All,

We use the java_adm_sid user to access the Solution Manager JAVA stack. Our requirement is to ensure that the password for the java_adm_sid user does not expire, as it currently prompts for periodic changes. How can we enforce this setting?

If we update the password, where do we need to ensure the latest password for j2ee_Admin is updated in Solution Manager?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear Appuru, 

This depends on the security policy of the user.
It is recommended to use "Technical user" for the integration between SOLMAN and the Satellite JAVA system.
If dialog user is used, please review the KB 1953072 for the password validity configuration.
1953072 - Password validity in Java and ABAP system

Br, Peng