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restore database will clean all data cache?

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If restore ase db, all data cache bound to the objects in the database will be cleaned?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kent,

No, as long as the caches to which these objects are bound do indeed exist on the target server.

The loaded database will pull in the named cache binding information from the dump file. If the named caches exist on the target server (and have the same name as they do on the dump / source copy), you are all set. If a named cache referenced  in the dump file (ie. in the sysattributes table, to be exact) does not exist on the target server, then an informational message is generated in the ASE errorlog, to that effect.


Madhvi Pai


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I think Kent is just asking about what happens to the contents of cache on a database when a dump is loaded into a database that has been in used on that server.

All buffers (pages in data cache) that belong to pages from the database at the time of the load will be cleared/freed.  Caches may contain buffers from multiple databases; the entire cache is not cleared, only the pages belonging to the loaded database.


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thanks, Bret. Find out one thing: if there is a dedicated named cache said mycache is bound to only one table say mytab. After loading database, the binding missed. I need to rebind it again. Is this normal case?

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