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restoration of deleted delta queues in RSA7

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Hi BW experts -

Our delta queues in R/3 PRD source system were accidentally deleted in RSA7. Although no data was lost between the BW PRD instance and R/3 PRD instance I am unsure as to the best way of:

a) re-establishing the delta process,

b) ensuring that no delta updates are lost between R/3 and BW

Some BW admins say to simply run "Delta Initialization" Infopackages for all Infosources in BW (using the "Initialize without Data transfer" option)

Others cite that this process does not guarantee data consistency (in that certain delta information in the source system may be lost - depending on the datasource) and that the only foolproof method for guaranteeing data consistency is to blow away data from BW targets and re-initialize delta's from scratch (including data transfer).

Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

In order to garantee no data lost, you can try the procedures you described in your BW QA & R/3 QA system before you are doing it in your PRD system. That's the only way to garantee no data lost. As long as you establish your delta process, the data whihc are not loaded into BW will go through newly created delta load.

Hope this helps.


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Hello there.

we had this problem we followed the steps mention below and it work fine.

please proceed as follows:

- Delete the DeltaQueue for data sources in system PRD with transaction RSA7 (function "Delete data and metadata in a queue (Shift F2)")

The entry which shows up t moment reflects the delta init from the staging bix system.

- Verify that there are no longer entries in tables ROOSPRMSC and ROOSPRMSF of system PRD for the data sources.

-Verify in BW that the delta init selection are deleted. If they are not deleted (normally this done remotely with the first step), delete them manually.

- Now you can schedule the DeltaInit with option "Initialize without data transfer".

- After successful completion of the DeltaInit you should the reset the timestamp in table ROOSGENDLM in the PRD system.

- Now you should be able to request the next delta from BW.

Hope this help


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Thanks for your comment!

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