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REST (sync) binary data - How to have real content-type in ABAP proxy

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Dear all,

  • I have a ABAP proxy --> PI --> REST (synchronous) scenario, where the REST service provides an binary as a response (it would download to the client, when opening the endpoint with a browser).
  • The service provides either an *.eml file when calling it <endpoint host>/GetFile or an *.zip file when calling it <endpoint host>/GetZip. Let's concentrate on the Zip file for now.
  • I use rest receiver channel --> data format --> Binary --> Attachment to XI Message (No main payload)
  • I can see via Postman and via XPI inspector, that the service successfully provides the following HTTP header and PI storing them in Dynamic Configuration.
    11:35:53:833Guest~AP_]⇦ with (MessagePropertyKey [propertyName=Content-Type, propertyNamespace=])11:35:53:834Guest~AP_]⇨ with application/zip
  • However, when the message is routed through PI the attachment within SXMB_MONI and ABAP Proxy has content-type "application/octet-stream".

My question

  1. While I could get the real content-type using ASMA / Dynamic Configuration I was wondering if there is a "native" way to tell PI to use the given content-type provided by the REST service.

Please note: I'm using an in-place Java mapping to generate the missing response payload as shown here:, however, since that only dummy-fills-in the main response payload I don't think it will matter for my current issue.

Many thanks



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