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Rest Adapter- Pattern value replacement

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I have a SOAP to REST Scenario with the REST receiver adapter with the following configurations.

1. Data format - XML

- As it is xml format, I had to use the AF_Modules/MessageTransformBean

with Transform.ContentType = application/xml in the modules tab to strip of the interface and interface namespace tags.

2. Dynamic endpoint URL


Source datatype has "id" which will not be passed to the Target application. Dynamic attributes have been set for this field and I am able to see the id value in the dynamic configuration. However the id value is not reflected in the rest receiver adapter processing . Under the parameters tab -->pattern value replacement, Adapter specific attribute is selected with the custom attribute

url pattern -


Pattern element name - id

Attribute Name - I get with an error "placeholder for id is missing or empty.

As it is a data format of XML, Have I got something to add up in the HTTP headers for the adapter to understand the attribute in the dynamic config.

The same is the case when I try to do an xpath for ordernumber . I end with error "XPath expression is incorrect". however when I test the XPATH in any editor, it is fine.

Please advise

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Hi Anusha,

for point 1, could you please share us the input and expected output xml.

you could play with XMLAnonymizerBean to handle this requirement.