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Resources for tRFC/qRFC

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Hello friends.

Since few days we are observing frequent problem with Resources for tRFC/qRFC. 1/2 application server gets loaded with RFC call to APO system and from this application server RFC connection to APO does not work.

I have checked communication channels : using transaction SM51 ® Go to ® Server information ® Communication table. Here i can see lots of connection to APO system with state 0 (Not ALLOCATED/DEALLOCATED ).

We have created a RZ12 Logon group with application server but not sure if it is being used correctly.(I think this because, in SMQS > qRFC Resources i can see on 1 application server no free DIA WPs for tRFC/qRFC but on another, there are many free)

Also, i see only on loaded application server, work process goes in Stopped status with CPIC reason. RFC test only from this application server do not work in between.(RFC configuration is fine, it works from other app servers and it is configured with MS server settings for APO)

Can you please suggest what should be checked now.



Edited by: ashish vikas on Feb 11, 2011 11:23 PM

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Hi Ashish

Did you manage to resolve the issue as we also are seeing the issue "Status 0" in the communication table

Kind Regards