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Resource reqirements of SM 7.01 BI content 7.06

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I was wondering if the latest levels of SM 7.0 w Enh 1 have changed with respect to resource requirements, specifically memory.

I recently went from SPS 26 which used BI Content 7.04 to SPS 28 which uses BI Content 7.06.

Suddenly I'm geting lack of memory style errors...



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There are many reason for high memory usage, we need to find out exact applicaiton cause this issue and turn off the one.

exactly when are you getting this ABAP error? have you upgraded BI_CONT for any specific purpose

like for IT performance reporting, BI reporting in BPMon.

can you give some more specific hint here,



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I used SM MOPZ support stack 28 for SolMan 7 Enh pk 1.  It included the BI_CONT upgrade.

There seem to be multiple problem locations...

My ABAP configuration includes a 2G EM allocation.

OS is AIX 5.3 TL 11, so per process heap is limited to 180M.

The LPAR has 8G RAM, 8G swap.

I run dual stack SAP, diagnostic agent, wily introscope EM and db2 udp for LUW 9.7 in this LPAR.

The ABAP stack has the following:

SAP_BASIS 701 0010 SAPKB70110 SAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA 701 0010 SAPKA70110 Cross-Application Component

PI_BASIS 701 0010 SAPK-70110INPIBASIS Basis Plug-In

ST-PI 2008_1_700 0005 SAPKITLRD5 SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

CRMUIF 500 0008 SAPK-50008INCRMUIF CRMUIF for Solution Manager

SAP_BW 701 0010 SAPKW70110 SAP Business Warehouse

SAP_AP 700 0025 SAPKNA7025 SAP Application Platform


BI_CONT 706 0001 SAPK-70601INBICONT Business Intelligence Content

CPRXRPM 400 0019 SAPK-40019INCPRXRPM SAP xRPM/cProjects/cFolders 4.00 (ABAP)

ST 400 0028 SAPKITL438 SAP Solution Manager Tool

ST-BCO 400 0001 SAPK-40001INSTBCO BI Content for SAP Solution Manager

ST-A/PI 01N_700SOL 0001 SAPKITAS1H Application Servicetools for SolMan 7.0-

ST-ICO 150_700 0031 SAPK-1507VINSTPL SAP Solution Manager Implementation Cont

ST-LV 100 0002 SAPK-10002INSTLV SAP Landscape Verification Wizard

ST-SER 701_2010_1 0011 SAPKITLOSB SAP Solution Manager Service Tools

SAP Kernel is AIX 64 bit unicode SAP Kernel 7.01 Patch level 150

Locations to follow


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Failure location #1

User DDIC client 000 - I think this is triggered from collector_for_performance job.




This is followed closely by a PARAMETER_CONVERSION_ERROR, current program SAPLSCSM_COLLECTOR

Quite often followed by System 33 shortage of swap.

Location #2

User SOLMAN_BTC client 010 - this is SM:EXEC SERVICES processing EWA for solutions for production solution (includes ECC 6, SRM 5, EP 7).




Location #3 User SOLMAN_BTC client 010 - An extractor?




I've been unsuccessful in matching these up with unapplied notes.

Thus the thought that SPS 28 for SM 7 Enh 1 somehow requies larger memory configurations...

By the way, most SM usage is Batch.

I am monitoring (according to EWA) 37 systems, mostly through ccms agents, but there are 13 diagnostics agents connected and 6 wily introscope agents.

I've configured EWA reports, E2E Diagnostics, IT Performance Reports for Prod ECC and SRM.

No ChaRM, no Service Desk...