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Reset Explicit Configuration

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I have a Configuration Controller which is used to save personalized values from a View.

Certain Input Fields have the 'Value' attribute BOUND to the context attribute of Config Controller (EXPLICIT CONFIGURATION)

I am using IF_WD_PERSONALIZATION , SAVE( ) method to save the COnfig Controller Context.

Now I want to reset (clear) the values

I tried using , in a method of Configuration Controller :

For Personalization


m_person_man->SET_CONFIG_KEY ( config_key = 'abcde' ).

m_person_man->SAVE ( )

For Reset


m_person_man->DELETE( config_key = 'abcde' ).

But it keeps the Configuration Controller values intact.

My Question is How to delete Explicit Configuration ?


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Heres some more things I noticed.... Very Weired.......

It seems the Variant with the config_key = 'abcde' IS getting deleted.

But now the problem is the Configuration Controller Context(Root Node) is NOT getting initialized to the Reference of the Save Node with key 'abcde'

That is

when I do

ref_person_man->DELETE( config_key = 'abcde' ).

The Variant with config Key 'abcde' gets deleted.

But after I do :

ref_person_man->SAVE( Config_key = 'abcde'

Default_Variant = abap_true )

The node of the Configuration Controller is NOT initialized for Config Key 'abcde'.

Thus when the view is loaded next time, it shows NON PERSONALIZED values

It works perfectly when I DO NOT specify a Config_Key , that is just do SAVE( ).

But I need a Config Key to delete the personalized variant...

Catch 22 Situation !!!!!!!


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Maybe you can have a look to the Web Dynpro Application wd_analyze_config_use

Execute it and see if you can find interesting things....


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Ok it worked.....Here's what I did

While Saving, I do not specify a Config_Key

just m_person_man->SAVE( ).

while deleting Person....

it_variants = m_person_man->GET_VARIANTS( )

read it_variants in ls_variants index 1.

m_person_man->DELETE( Config_Key = ls_variants-Config_Key ).

It works fine now.

WHat I get is, I was trying to explicitly give a Config Key may be it does not take it.

With above code I use the system generated Config Key and update the same Variant.

Thanks Sergio..Points awarded