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Reset Application to initial state - SAC Application Designer

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Hi Expert,

I want to create a button in my application (Analytic) designer and put some "reset" script on it, so that when the users click there, the application gets resetted or goes to the initial state (all the filters gets reset as it was in the initial state when you open the application for the first time). Or perhaps even to go one step backwards.

I could not found an option/method in SAC Application Desinger to reset or go back one step in the application. Do you have any suggestion for me how should I do this?

Thanks, Regys

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Please explain, what do you mean by reset?

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with reset I mean to set the entire application in the initial state, as it was, when users open it for the first time, where there are no filters selected etc.

Thank you!

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Just have a link of the Story in the reset button. Basically it reloads the story that would reset the page.