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Required Object has not been asserted

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My development evironment is NetWeaver 7.3 EhP1 SP05. I created a flow ruleset in rules composer, in one of its gateways, there are two conditions:

1. Position.getEmployee(ID) Not Equals null

2. Position.getEmployee(ID) Equals null

The method Position.getEmployee(ID) returns an object of type Employee. In order to test this flow ruleset, I created a web service with this flow ruleset. When I tested the web service in WS Navigator, an error ocurred:

Web service returned error. Fault Code: "(" Fault String: "Required Object has not been asserted. Cannot resolve: com.Position(method: getEmployee)".

It seems that I should assert the object Position. But I don't know how to assert it. How should I solve this error?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have found two way to assert the object:

1. Assert it in the flow diagram.

2. Assert it in the way described here

I have tried two ways but only the 2nd method works.  For the 1st method, I asserted the Position object in the actions tab of the gateway. An error returned when I executed the flow ruleset. The error message was:

while trying to invoke the method java.lang.Class.getName() of an object loaded from local variable 'cl'.

What's the cause of this error? How should I do?

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