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Requested End Deadline Monitoring in PR Release workflow

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Hi All,

I have been trying to have the step 'Overall Release of requisition' in my custom workflow so that it sends a message to the first person in the release strategy saying 'Please release PR...' whenever a PR is created. This part is working fine.

I have implemented a 2 day deadline monitoring with a custom rule so that whenever the 2 day period passes, it sends a message to the approver (FIRST person in the strategy) saying the same message.

It is however, able to send a message to that first person saying 'Missed Deadline: Please release PR....' after the 2 day period, but it is not sending the message 'Please release PR...' to the SECOND person.

I have been wondering what the custom rule in the requested end should do. I think it has to refresh the contents of the container to reflect the new approver. How do I accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.


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Let me explain my thoughts with an example.

Assume the PR is having 2 levels of approval.

UserID Releasecode

Jack AB

Jill XY

Initially when the PR workflow is triggered the PR number and the release code 'AB' are passed to the rule which fetches the Agent as "Jack".

Either because of RSWUWFML2 or Swnconfig e-mail will be sent to "Jack" saying "Please approve PR XXXX ".

Scenario 1:

Because of Modelled Deadline monitoring after 2 days, message is sent to "Jack" saying "Please approve PR XXXX".

Which means you still want him(1st approver - Jack) to approve the PR right ??

If so, it doesn't make sense to send a message to "Jill" to release PR for release code "XY" while "Jack" hasn't approved for release code "AB".

The standard design is the PR has to be released for "AB" code first and the workflow gets finished. One more workflow starts for code "XY" which has to be approved by "Jill."

Scenario 2:

Since "Jack" wasnt able to approve in 2 days, do you want "Jill" to approve the PR for both the release codes "AB" and "XY".

If so, you need to end the workflow and trigger the workflow again by passing the PR number and "XY" as the release code.

Now the rule fetches "Jill" as the agent and workitem is send to Jill.

Jill should can release the PR for release codes "AB" and "XY" simultaneously provided he has enough roles to release for "AB" as well..

Did I make sense in the above ??

If you can confirm whether your requirement is Scenario 1 or Scenario 2, others would be able to throw more light on how to achieve scenario 2.



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Thanks, PR and Rick.

I am more for Scenario 1 but Scenario 2 would be an added advantage.

For Scenario 1, it should send the 'Please approve PR XXX' soon after the PR is created. That's working fine.

If Jack doesn't approve within the 2 days a message 'Missed Deadline: Please approve PR XXX'. That's working fine as well.

When Jack does approve, the message 'PR XXX was released by Jack' should be sent to the initiator (creator of PR) (working fine) while message 'Please approve PR XXX' should be sent to Jill (This is where I need assistance on how I go about it.)

Thanks again.

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Once "Jack" approves the PR, the creator of the PR gets notification -- which you said its working fine.

once the creator gets notified, workflow will trigger again for the 2nd release code.

Can you confirm the workflow is triggering correctly after "Jack" approves. ??

I mean is the workitem in the inbox of "Jill" to approve for the 2nd release code ?

Goto SWI1 and give the date or the appropriate criteria and see the workflow log and identify are there any errors in the PR Workflow.


Goto SWI5 and give the type as "US" and ID as the "Jill UserId". Select "Workitems to be completed" and execute. you will come to know the list of items in the inbox of Jill.



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I'm not sure what you mean by a "custom rule" here, a rule is usually used to pick agents.

Is your rule selecting the correct agents? If not, there's the problem.

But maybe I've misunderstood.


Rick Bakker

Hanabi Technology