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Request update staus in PSA

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We are on SP08.

I have uploaded some requests from PSA to Infocube using DTP.

However the request status in PSA is still showing as not updated in any data target.

Due to this, if i want to load the latest request from PSA to data target, system is reading all the existing requests also and runtime is increasing considerably.

Am i missing any steps or it is mandatory to delete the already loaded requests from PSA ?

DO i need to use Delta DTP for this ?

However the extraction mode in DTP is always FULL and this field is grayed out means,not editable ..

Any help is appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ravindra,

Very good question, seem to remember reading an OSS note that mentioned that if you do a DTP to the data target in full, the delta option is not available again unless you delete data.

If it's fine to do so, delete data, run a DELTA DTP, then load data from the source again, check PSA, make sure request has not been updated, then run another delta dtp.

Would be interested on your findings as we are going to do this next week.



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