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request guidance 2 attnd interviews - xi

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Hi 2 All,

basically i am an abaper, recently learnt xi frm one of my gud frnd and planning to work on XI but i am clue less how exactly i need 2 prepare 4 interviews. can any one help me with ur valuable suggestions / guidance / tips and interview qstns.

tnx in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have a look at this thread..

/message/1479240#1479240 [original link is broken]

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hi.. anand,

tq very much.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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you can get it from

/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

Basically the question will come from the following area








msg type, interfaces

inbound & out bound interfaces

mapping (java,xslt etc)

different type of adapters and configuration issues




Jawahar Govindaraj

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<b>The type of questions which can be asked are :</b>

-->Steps required to configure a scenario

-->Types of mapping

-->which all configurations you need to do in R/3

for an Idoc to file scenario

-->Questions regarding the interfaces you have worked


-->Qestions on adapters eg. Idoc , RFC etc

-->How to configure JDBC Adapter(Sender & Receiver)

-->Qestions on Content conversion

-->Questions on BPM and the step types in BPM.

-->Questions on ALERTS. How to configure Alerts, alert rules, etc.

The below info will help you study it easily:


-->Architecture of XI</b>


-->Steps required to configure a scenario</b>

1. Interface Determination-- RB_SPLIT and RB_CLASSIC, condtional Interface Determination

2. Receiver Determination -- Conditional Receiver Determination.

3. Sender / Receiver Agreement-- Why doesnt IDOC and HTTP have a sender agreement, etc.

Flow of how XI determines the configuration scenario

<b>>>Types of mapping</b>

1. Types of Java Mapping -- DOM and SAX Parser. Advantages and Disadvantages.

2. XSLT mapping

3. Graphical Mapping--

Questions on context change, standard functions in XI etc.

<b>-->Qestions on adapters</b>

1. Which adpaters run on j2ee engine and which run on ABAP stack.

2. Use of each adapter

<b>-->Qestions on Content conversion </b>

1. how and why is content conversion performed.


-->Questions on BPM and the step types in BPM.</b>

1. Correlation

2. synch/asynch bridge

3. Collect pattern.

4. For each and par for each in a block

5. send synchronously and asynchronously.

6. Step types in BPM.


-->Questions on ALERTS. </b>

1. How do u define Alert Category, rules, etc.

2. How do you test an Alert.

3. Alerts in a BPM

<b>-->Architecture of XI. </b>

1.How and what are the stacks available in XI

2. Need for datatype, message type, message interface, message mapping, interface mapping, etc.

3. Synch/ Asynch/ outbound/inbound/ abstract interfaces, etc.

<b>How do you monitor your messages in XI.</b>

1. What is the difference between the monitoring done on the RunTimeWorkBench and the one done using SXMB_MONI.

2. What is End to End Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Cache Montioring etc.

3. What is a Business System, Technical System, Logical System, and other questions related to the System Landscape Directory (SLD ).

Also go through the following links:




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Hi VijayLakshmi! I want to learn XI and presently working on ABAP. Can you suggest me a good faculty on XI??



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hi lakshmi,

i learnt it from one of my gud frnd, who is wrking on XI, so I cnt help u to suggest a gud faculty.



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Also , most interviews generally dont hand out with respect to just technical details , they will also grill on whether u worked on xi or not : this they might ask what idocs u have worked on not all but most famous, similarly dealing with any simple issues of configuration and conceptual views as if interviews are technical they can only test scenarios , error debugging , error codes etc hence please concentrate on them as well. since u r abap earlier you should find it ok



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Hi Madduri....

I can suggest Aparna, faculty in VERSION-IT, hyderabad is a gud faculty....