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Representation of Key figures in the graph

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Hello Experts,

In my report I have 6 figures but I just need 2 of them in the bar diagram in the web application designer. For example I have Num, Den, Rate 1, Rate 2, x and y. I need a diagram which can just show Rate 1 and Rate 2 on y-axis and Measure on the x-axis. Where can I choose my y-axis categories.

I am trying to create a page with a picture on top, report below and at the bottom a graph depicting the report. My graph doesn't get displayed at all but just the legend with all the 6 key figures.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Priya,

Most likely, you have too many figures to display. You need to hide or add some drilldowns (or KFs in BEx) just to leave what you want to show in graph. Then select an area in Excel and use a standard Excel functionality to show graphs.

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With BW 3.5 you can hide rows on a query, else you can create a view of the query with only key figures required. For displaying the graph and the data you can have option of display data .