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Repost Open Items via PDI

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I need to find the action “Repost Open Items” in the SDK and simulate it via web service. But I does´t found it.

Let me explain:

I have some open item in the Customer Account Monitor ( Receivables > Customer Accounts > Customer Account Monitor) and I need to repost the open item to another customer. I mean change the open ítem owner.

In the system I can use the action “Repost Open Items” and this action let me select a new customer. Image2 Now my client are requesting this same action but via web service. But I does’t found this action in the SDK.


So anybody has worked with this action via PDI?

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Hi, You could check if the action is already available by any werbservice: else if the action is PSM released, you could create a new webservice in SDK. Thanks, Pradeep.

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Hi Pradeep,

Thank you for reply.

I asked the same question to SAP via incident and here their answer:

"I've contacted the Due Clearing development team regarding your request. The "Repost Open Items" action is not an action on any BO. It is a complex action that involves special implementation. Enabling this will be a new development request for us."

So, reproduce this method via PDI is imposible now.