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Repository Service Implementation

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Hi there,

one year ago, I got all details about repository service implementation in EP5 without any documentation. It was a mix up of horror and fun...

Now, one year later, I need again to implement a repository service, but the doc situation has changed - even if only a little bit.

What I do have:

- EP6 SP2 P4 HF7

- CM6 SP2 P4 HF5

- Eclipse Plugins (1.2.0 / 6.0.2): DevelopmentTools/lib, configStudio, KM (*2)

- component development with ep 6.0.pdf

But - that's not enough. I have implemented a Repository Service, written my own and built the PAR (successfully), deployed on portal - and that was it. The service does not show up anywhere.

Questions: How to get such a simple example working? And is there a <i>real</i> guide / HowTo / example to get such a thing working, if possible with explanation how properties should be implemented/used etc?

The whole KM API is one of the better APIs within the portal theme, but the support concerning Wizards/Docs is not that much better compared to one year ago...

Would be great if this situation could be improved...

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Detlev,

often a reason for this behaviour is the static KEY variabel in the Service Interface of the wrapper class which is set by default to:

public static final String KEY = "/* To be inserted */";

Set it to a valid value public static final String KEY = "com.custom.test.MyService";

Also check if you have set the startup property of the wrapper service in the portalapp.xml to true. If it is not listed, you have to include it manually.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Detlev,

I want to create a repository filter for EP5. You wrote in your post, you have an example for this case. Can you send it to me or post it here?



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Hi Gerhard,

I could send it to you, just give me your mail address (you can write directly to [killed for spam reasons]).

The example comes with a short description, but don't expect too much... I could also send some documentation about the class relations. But all without further support, because we are not working any more on EP5... And I'm on vacation the next two weeks... So, be fast

Best regards


PS: I could solve my EP6 problems, it has been a mixture of implementing Thilos hints and correcting some wizard's error.

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Hi Deltev,

We are having numerous issues trying to implement a repository filter (A Property filter to be precise) on EP6.20 portal. The problems seem to be related to KM wizards for Eclipse.

Did you ever get this working? I was hoping that you can send me your project structure, so I can see what am I doing wrong?

my email is

Any help on this would be much appreciated.



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Hi all,

It seems that posting in a thread this old is a bit like raising the dead...

I found it looking for a good documentation/example for implementing a new repository service.

It's a bit ironic since it focuses on the lack of that documentation.

Yet, it seems that enough time has passed for the situation to improve.

If it has, I'll be gratefull for a reference.

Thanks ahead,


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