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Repository in sap content server

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Hi Experts,

I have installed a content server and created a repository in SAP ERP for the content server using tcode OAC0. However i found that we can create more then one repo for same content server on the same application server. Now i am in doubt and following questions are arising in my mind.

1. What is the use of creating multiple repo for same content server. Can't we use the same repo for different purpose on same server.

2.Can we use repository created on one server to the other server ?

3. Suppose we delete any repo from the ERP system. then will it also delete it's associated data from the MAXDB database as well ?

Many Thanks

This is Prashant Nagar

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Is it exactly the same as create a folder on your M$ Windows.

There only point is, if you have space problem, or you would like to split in two servers, you could do it by repositories. If you have only one repo, you will have an issu.