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Reporting tools and SAP BW

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Dear Sirs,

We have Business Objects BI 4.0 and SAP BW 7.3.

Actually we are using Web Intelligence and BEx Query to reporting.

We have not Business Layer (Universe) between BW and BO because BO it's not supported to create universe (unx) on BW. So we create document in WEBI using BEx Query.

We want to use Xcelsius (Dashboard Design) 2011 and I was thinking that we can use query from universe to connect with BW (new functionality in version 2011). Can we? Or maybe we should to connect to BW using "Connecttion to SAP BW"?

We want to use Explorer (on iPad and iPhone), but Explorer requires universe (unx).

Is not possible to create universe (unx, because unv is not supported via Explorer) based on SAP BW, is it true?

We should we do, when we want to use Explorer with SAP BW?

Do I understand connection between reporting tools and SAP BW:

Crystal Reports - can I use cubes or BEx queries

Xcelsius - using "Connection to SAP BW"

WEBI - BExqueries or universe (but only UNV - old version).

Explorer - in my opinion is not possible

Analysis for OLAP - drirect to cube in SAP BW

Could you please comment.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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With the current version of the BI 4.0 SP2 BI Platform, one cannot create a universe (.UNX format) against BW using the OLAP connection. However you can create a universe (.UNX format) using the Relational connection (see OSS note: 1656905 - How to create UNX universe based on Business Warehourse InfoCubes). One limitation is the use of hierarchies with the relational connection.

Then you can create the Information spaces based on the universe (.UNX format) that the Explorer can use.

BO Reporting tools:

1. Crystal Reports for Enterprise = you can use the OLAP connection (BICS) directly against the BW InfoCubes or Queries, if queries already exist in the BW system then you can leverage these directly (less time spent recreating the entire query in Crystal)

2. Xcelsius = you can use the BICS or Web Service or Universe to access the data

3. Web Intelligence = you can use the OLAP Connection (BICS)

4. Explorer = you can use a universe (.UNX format) via a Relational Connection

5. Analysis for OLAP = you can use the OLAP connection (BICS) to either a query or InfoCube.

It is hoped that in Feature Pack 3 which will be released later this year, that missing functionalities will be delivered for BI 4.0.



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Thank you for the explanation - now it is clear to me.

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