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Reporting authorizations with the : (summary) operator

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Help! We are implementing security on several dimensions of a cube. In order to properly summarize each of the dimensions (company code and profit center) each authorization includes the summary operator : for company code and profit center. This all works fine as long as we force users to use a variable with mandatory entry required but it is conceivable that a user will create a query on account with no company code or profit center display and will be able to see enterprise net income.

Wew know we can solve this with multicubes. With a multicube secured on profit center and another multicube secured on company code we wouldn't need the summary operator and users would be restricted to companies and profit centers that they were authorized to use.

But management is resisting the multicube approach thus the summary operators (:).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

1. can we force users to use a variable and set it as entry required?

2. can we force them to use an authorization variable in their queries?

3. any other good ideas?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have a strange idea that should work (we did it at another customer). Create an authorization object that contains both company code and profit center. Now you can assign two different authorizations to each user, one with Company Code A and PC *, one with PC B and CC * (or : instead of *). Users are now unable to see the whole data even if they don't use the variables (at least that's what it should do).

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I have done some initial testing and this looks like it works. Thanks very much!!!

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