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Report with Stored Procedure does not return until refresh

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I'm using RAS server 2008 to run many Crystal reports from a web application (TrackWise) over Oracle 10g DB.

A new report is using a stored procedure that takes several minutes (5-10) to return before the rest of the report's SQL can execute.

When running the report from Crystal Developer there is no problem,

but when running from the application (using the RAS), the report seems to be running forever,

However, if you wait a few minutes for the DB utilization to drop (i.e. for the stored procedure to finish) and refresh - the full report appears on the screen in a second.

Since I have many other reports that run for much longer time with no issue, I assume that this has nothing to do with the web application, but rather related to the connection between the RAS and the DB (i.e. the idle time between the beginning of the stored procedure execution to its return and the continuation of the report creation).

I assume that I need to change one of the RAS settings/ parameters (in the properties or in the registry), but which?

Please assist.

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Since this app is from TrackWise, I'd recommend contacting TrackWise and see if they have an answer for you. As it is, we have no idea how they implemented the CR components in their app. If they cannot help you, it should be them coming here and asking us - or better yet they should be creating a phone incident.

- Ludek

Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada

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