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Report showing wrong percentage values

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Hi everybody,

My vertical table is

Material Group               Today                    Lastyear Today          Trend

Material Group is Master data

Today is calculated as KPI where(Calendar day=CurrentDate())

Last year today RelativeDate(CurrentDate();-365)

Trend is Percentage of today and last year today

the problem is Trend values are showing wrong ones. It shows the percentage of values where the columns show whole year data ın each column not a daıly data.

I wonder how to achieve the right calculation, which percentage of the daily values on the report.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In order to calculate KPI you must be using a date object to compare it with CurrentDate() and RelativeDate()

For example:

If date object is [date_obj] then KPI for Today should be ([KPI] Where [date_obj]=CurrentDate())


KPI for Relative Date would be

([KPI] Where [date_obj]=RelativeDate(CurrentDate();-365)

If this is the case, I would suggest you to add [date_obj] in the report block first and observe the values of KPI.

In case you are getting correct values then you can tweek the formula as follows and check:

([KPI] ForEach [date_obj]) Where [date_obj]=CurrentDate()


([KPI] ForEach [date_obj]) Where [date_obj]=RelativeDate(CurrentDate();-365)

Hope I have understood the issue correctly.

Please correct in case my understanding is not in sync with the actual scenario.



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