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Report looks like.

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HI Gurus,

0FIGL_O02 : General Ledger: Line Items

0FIAP_O03 : FIAP: Line item

0FIGL_O02 having fields:-

Company code, fiscal year, Document No., Profit Centor

100, 05, 10001, un01

100, 05, 10002, un01

100, 05, 10006, un01

100, 05, 10007, un01

0FIAP_O03 having fields:-

Company code, fiscal year, Document No., Vendor

100, 05, 10001, A

100, 05, 10002, A

100, 05, 10003, A

100, 05, 10004, A

100, 05, 10006, B

100, 05, 10007, B

100, 05, 10008, B

100, 05, 10009, B


Vendor, Document No, Profit Centor

A, 10001, UN01

A, 10002, UN01

A, 10003,

A, 10004,

B, 10006, UN01

B, 10007, UN01

B, 10008,

B, 10009,

How to go for this report?

Looking for your input.

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Answers (2)

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If it is cube create a multicube ,.. and if it is ODS create an Infoset and do bex reporting..

You will get it.



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Create an infoset on o03 and o02 with o03 as a left outerjoin on document number...


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Hi Arun and Viswnath,

Thanks for your input.

How to create left outerjoin on document number?

plz provide me steps.

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Right clik on ods objec select Left ourt join option and connect it .



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Excerpts from a SAP help manual.

InfoSets are the data sources of the InfoSet Query. They can be compared to an InfoCube to some extent. InfoSets are not containers of data, only references to the database tables or joins of tables. An InfoSet can also refer to a program that collects data.

In BW, InfoSets can be built on master data (InfoObjects), ODS objects, or joins of these objects.

How to create standard InfoSets for a certain ODS/InfoObject:

· Click on the pushbutton Create standard InfoSets in the AWB toolbar.

The system creates an InfoSet containing all the fields of the corresponding database tables of the ODS/InfoObject. With an ODS object, the system creates an InfoSet for the active records, and an InfoSet for the most recent records.

You can modify these InfoSets according to your needs. Keep in mind, that only the generated version of an InfoSet can be used by the InfoSet Query.

These standard InfoSets may be useful as a starting point. However, if you need more sophisticated contents (for example joined objects), you have to create your own InfoSet.

How to create your own InfoSet:

· Type in the technical name of the InfoSet on the AWB screen, and click the pushbutton Create new InfoSet.

On the following screen, the system has already filled in the name of the corresponding database


· By clicking the OK button, you get to the screen Join Definition. Define the join conditions.

· On the main screen of the InfoSet maintenance you can:

o Select all relevant attributes.

o Group these attributes into field groups.

o Define additional fields that may contain additional information, for example

characteristics or key figures initially not contained in the ODS objects or in the


o Save your entries.

Note: If an InfoSet is to be used for queries in a Web environment, the InfoSet must be assigned to an authorization group. To do this, go to InfoSet maintenance, click the pushbutton Change, and choose Global

properties from the Goto Menu.