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Report hungs while viewing in ActiveX Vewer

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1st hope, I'm in the correct forum.

I'm working in VB6 (I know) with CR XI; the output forms were created in 9 and have been merged to 11 through 10. I made a simple modification (Changed some text to exclude one of our products) and now when I open this report I get a viewer that hangs. If I click the viewer it will show the first page of the report, if I click the next or last page arrow, the viewer stalls (I think, I have left it over night and no change). If I attempt to print or export the report, It will simply sit and hang out. That is until I press the Alt key, then it brings the current dialog forward and I can proceed. With that said, I tried the Alt key while scrolling the pages and nope, nothing happening but hanging around.

So...I've tried creating a report form scratch, same result

I've tried a know good copy of the report (before editing) same results

I've tried a new viewer form and the new report, same

I have a version of the report that was modified about 6 months ago and it works fine, I made a copy of that form and report, same results.

Could this be something in the report or is in the viewer?

Other things:

The report acts the same when viewed in the CR XI program, I cannot view other pages.

The reports were created in the CR designer (DSR)

Thanks for any help, Iu2019m at my wits endsu2026

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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So if it hangs in Crystal it most definitely will not work from the viewer. Also since this worked with a pre-updated version of the report then my guess it's when Crystal saves it to XI that is the problem.

If you still have a pre-updated version of the report, open it up in XI and go to Database | Verify Database. Save before you run it. See if that helps.

If not then does the report use any UFLs or custom functions in your formulas? Remove those formulas from the report. Save and try running again.

If that still doesn't help, remove 1 table and run the report. Continue doing that until you're down to your last table.

My guess is somewhere one of these things will clear it up and then you can move forward from there.

Good luck,


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Thanks Brian, really good suggestions,

By suppressing the footer I was able to get the report to become viewable in Crystal and was able to print/export the report without issue, this is good.

I removed all but 1 table and all formulas in the report; I do manipulate data in code and pass it to the forms text boxes. That form works in Crystal but not in the ActiveX Viewer. However, I can move from page to page via the shortcut menu. (???)

While stepping through the pre-mentioned code that populates the forms text boxes (thanks for leading me there) I noticed that I'm triggering the ViewReport property and functionality stops, hmmm. After commenting it and running it again it seems to of resolved the issue.

So... What I found is that if you fire the ViewReport to early, the (maybe just mine) report hangs.

Anyway, Thanks you Brian for dropping a few trees for me

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