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Report File location

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Where does the java reporting component(JRC) look for the report source in case the CRConfig file is not present in the classpath?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Anushree,

-When creating a report source using the Java Reporting Component, the report's path can be specified by using either a relative or absolute path.

-When using relative paths, the path is specified relative to the location of the Java Reporting Component on the web server. For example, ../reports/sample.rpt resolves to /WEB-INF/reports/sample.rpt where the Java Reporting Component JAR file is in /WEB-INF/lib. The value of the reportlocation tag becomes the new root directory that is used to determine the location of a report.

-If the reportlocation tag is not present, the Java Reporting Component uses absolute paths.

-When using absolute paths, the Java Reporting Component will also look in the location of your web application's resources. For example, you can place your report into the classes folder and then specify the name of the report directly in your JSP file (with no path). In this case, the Java Reporting Component will find the report.

-To use absolute paths, ensure that the CRConfig.xml file does not contain a reportlocation tag.



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