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Report Display based on Select Options

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Hello Guys,

My report requirements are as follows-

I have a select option screen with the fields 0calyear , 0calmonth2 and 0calday.

The user wants to display on varaince between 2 years if he enters current year in the field 0calyear.

Eg : 0calyear : 2007, then report layout is

plant 2006 2007 variance

a xxx xxx xx

b xxx xxx xx

c xxx xxx xx

if he enters the year and month info he wants to display the monthly info for that year ony.

eg : 0calyear 2007 0calmont 7 then report is

plant 2007.07

a xxxx

b xxxx

c xxxx

is it possible in the same report.Please explain.



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Do you want to hide the columns of month in first scenario and year in 2nd scenario ??

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hello Gaurav,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

yes Gaurav, I want to hide the monthly data fields in first scenario and the yearly data in the 2nd scenario based on the user selection.

Could you please advice me on this issue.

also if you have any info on this kind of issue could you please let me.

waiting for your reply.



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I dont know how you can dynamically hide columns in the report ( i believ its not possible)... but wht u can here ..iin same workbook, in two different sheets insert two different queries..and ask user to refer wht he needs to look in....

hope it helps


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Hello Gaurav,

Thanks for your advice.

Could you please let me know how to insert 2 queires q1 and q1 into the workbook.

I haven't worked on workbooks yet.

your advice is appricated.



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In bex Analyzer, select the cell in worksheet1

Business Explorer->tools->insert query

do the same thing with other worksheet.