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Report added as SubReport Update Issue

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I'm scratching my head here...

I have a main report to which I've added a subreport which is a report that I created separately and added to the main report. If I right click the subreport in the main report and edit it, it does not seem to change the original report.

So, I made as an example, rptHeader. I added rptHeader to rptMain, then decided I need to make a change. So, I right clicked the subreport and chose edit. I save and the main report displays properly. If I go an open the original rptHeader, the changes are not there.

Anyone know what's happening or what I'm doing incorrectly? I would think that changing a subreport from within the main should update the original... That would be different that updating the report that became a subreport, which would then require reimporting it.

I should add that when I open the original report that was added as a subreport, it opens thinking it was changed but still looks like an older version. Strange...


- Nick

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Editing the subreport inside the main report does not automatically update the original report. Updating the original report may update the report that uses it - if you right-click on the subreport and go to the "Subreport" tab, there is an option called "Reimport when opening". If that is turned on, the subreport will update from the original any time the report is opened as long as the original is in the same location as when it was initially imported.


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